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More Things You Should Know

Back Injuries From Auto or Work Accidents

by Accidents Las Vegas on 02/03/12

Back injuries: Back injuries from auto or work accidents can include damage to discs in the neck and spine. These discs may bulge, slip, or rupture as the result of a car accident. Unfortunately, these injuries can often take time to develop symptoms and may not be properly diagnosed for months following an accident.

Questions about your auto accident or personal injury case?

by Accidents Las Vegas on 01/27/12

An experienced accident and injury attorney can help you understand the legal issues involved in with YOUR accident.

Some questions the attorney will ask? How serious is YOUR inujury? Could it be permanent? Who was at fault? Was the driver of the car that hit you uninsured or underinsured?   Are you missing work because of your injuries? Are you missing work because of doctors appointments? Do you have to accept the first offer and insurance company makes?

Brain Injuries

by Accidents Las Vegas on 01/24/12

Brain Injuries- Brain injuries are more common in side impact car accidents. Common brain injuries include concussions, headaches, seizures, dizziness, lack of concentration, and memory loss. Depression and anxiety disorders are also possible following an accident.

Dog Bite? Slip & Fall? Unsafe Conditions?

by Accidents Las Vegas on 01/18/12

Did you know personal injury attorneys are experienced in areas besides traffic accidents? Have you been the victim of a dog bit? Unsafe conditions in a public area? Slip and fall in a store? We can help!


by Accidents Las Vegas on 01/11/12

In an accident, even at under 5 miles per hour, over 50% will develop whiplash symptom. Whiplash can result in neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain, back pain, jaw pain, dizzziness, and other injuries. We can assist in findng you an experienced accident injury attorney who knows how to present all your injuries!

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