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Injured In an Accident, You Need Help!
Have you been in a traffic or work,or other accident? Are you confused about which accident and injury attorney to call for help? Have you signed up with an attorney, but things are not going the way you'd like? Are you confused about where to find the medical help you need? 

We can help! We know when you’ve been injured, you can feel confused, helpless and frustrated. Insurance companies don’t make it easier.When you get a qualified, experienced and successful accident and injury attorney, you can get the best representation. Experienced accident injury attorneys know how to protect your rights and work to get you the compensation you deserve.

Sometimes, insurance companies will either offer to settle your claim RIGHT AWAY to make your claim go away, or drag their feet and make getting claims through harder than you and I may like.   Many Las Vegas accident victims simply take the first offer the insurance company makes.  Thinking the insurance company has the final say.  What if the insurance company delays paying you aren't able to work a lot, it stands to reason you will get more anxious.   

Insurance Principle #1 — Offer the accident victim a settlement right away. 
In today’s economy, most of us are in tight money situations or even unemployed. Insurance companies know most of us could use some extra money. So, they will rush to offer a settlement right away, before you’ve had a chance to talk with an experienced accident and injury attorney to find out what your rights are. 
If you take that first settlement the insurance company offers, and sign away your rights, you may find out a few days or a week or two later, something will start to hurt. You have an accident injury you didn’t know about right away! Once you’ve accepted that settlement, you can’t go back to the insurance company and tell them you’re hurt more than you realized. 

Insurance Principal #2 – Sometimes insurance companies don’t pay any sooner than absolutely necessary.  
This will keep you more on edge and desperate! If you have already been in an accident in Las Vegas, you may be discovering a harsh truth. It takes a qualified, experienced accident and injury attorney–a specialist– to know exactly how to work with insurance companies to get you the best possible results.  Qualified, experienced accident and injury attorneys know how the process works. They know what to look for and how to communicate with insurance companies. 

Insurance Principle #3 – An uneducated consumer is better than an educated consumer.  
This is where we step in on your behalf.  We know how to find you the most qualified, experienced accident and injury attorneys without asking you to spend a dime. We can refer you to experienced attorneys, people who understand how to get you taken care of after an accident in Las Vegas. These qualified and experienced accident and injury attorneys will get you the best results on your case. 

Accidents in Las Vegas are very stressful!  You want to spend your time getting well, we’re happy to spend our time connecting you to attorneys who are very skilled and experienced with accidents in Las Vegas, so you can find the best care here in Las Vegas.

Accident Secrets from Insurance Companies!

Large insurance companies can have 15,000 or more accident claims submitted every day. Insurance adjusters who work for these companies may be working on 200-300 claims at a time. That’s a LOT of claims, with not a lot of time to spend looking at the details of each claim. Experienced accident injury attorneys know how to make sure the details of YOUR accident are carefully considered!

Insurance adjusters are bonused for the number of claims they close out monthly. Adjusters are also bonused if the accident victims “cash out”-or sign off on settlements. This means the settlement is complete, with no possibility of going back to review injuries that may show up in the future. Experienced accident injury attorneys know how to make sure your claim is not closed out or cashed out too soon!

Claims are run through computer software programs. These programs tag a value to each injury. Sometimes, though, an injury is not included in the standard software program. What happens if the injury or condition is not included in the list on the software program? Experienced accident injury attorneys know how to make sure ALL your injuries and conditions are included, and that you get the compensation you deserve for ALL of them.

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